All-Out Monster Revolt

The All-Out Monster Revolt is dedicated to “putting the pulp” back into the giant monster genre. Our goal is to prompt the return of the highly imaginative, enthusiastic, and thrilling tales that these gigantic creatures once inspired. We not only create original giant monsters, stories, art, music, and more. We explore the genre from every angle revealing the rich and exciting history of giant monsters in legend, literature, and cinema.

The All-Out Monster Revolt is also a staunch supporter of independent creators working in the giant monster genre. The mainstream media has so little for a fan to enjoy. However, outside the limelight and away from the spotlights there are thousands upon thousands of artists, writers, and musicians working in the giant monster genre and we want to introduce you to them!

You will notice that much of what the All-Out Monster Revolt project produces is free or reasonably priced. We believe in fair pricing and free entertainment. Some things in life should be free and we want to be the ones that give it to you. We’re not out to get rich. We just want you to enjoy our artistry and make it too damn good to pass up.

Appo High School, Middletown

Middletown Comic Con
February 24, 2018

Appo High School
1080 Bunker Hill Rd
Middletown, DE 19709

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