““3 Nights with Teddy” – A mockumentary indie horror film that features brothers Larry (the skeptical gamer) and BB Simms (the burnout clown) as they set off to document their first investigations as “Ghost Hunters”. Joined by their “friends” Randy (Momma’s boy) and Ezra (The Jugalo) the group embarks on 2 paranormal investigations, but clueless and dysfunctional the team walks into a paranormal disaster. What started as a joke on Randy; a possessed teddy bear begins to torment the team during the 2nd private investigation. BB has no choice but to call in for help from psychic medium Luna Montgomery. A team member becomes possessed and terrorizes the group until they figure out a solution to save their friend!
Poltergeists, Demonic possession, exorcism, drinking, swearing and jump scares… A story not for the faint of heart or anyone under 17… (It should be rated R, seriously…)
Inspired by “Five Nights at Freddie’s” video game.
The film is shot entirely on location at private homes in Delaware City and Middletown DE.
Indie Horror, Not Rated, Copyright 2016.