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Craig “Old School” Blake has been an artist all his life. Working professionally for decades, “Old School” has done everything from comic books to business logos, all while owning and operating his production company “High Evolution Studios LLC”. A mainstay of the Wizard World convention circuit amongst others, “Old School” has become known as “The King of the Collage” for his works of pop culture’s greatest icons.

“Old School” began his career in 1992 with the independent comic “F-MAN”, published by EXPRESS COMICS . After a few years of underground success, Craig switched his focus to learning film editing and more at The Art Institute Of Philadelphia. Working in various freelance capacities for years, “Old School” started his own comic book company , “High Evolution Studios” in 2004. The first comic he nationally released was the controversial “F.U. Freedom Unleashed” split issue, which featured a back- up story from Troy Laughlin called “Cold Gravy”. In 2007, Blake released The 48 page “F.U.” comic to much fanfare. The timely issues and political subject matter of “F.U.” gained Craig followers in various countries by using “Pay Pal” and social media to sell copies in Australia, Germany and Japan.

In 2009 “Old School” redesigned his first comic character and brought F-Man back in all new stories entitled “F-Man & The Next Dimension”. The New York City release immediately spawned offers for developing the character as an animated series. This fueled “Old School” to take his one man show and turn his business into a fully staffed LLC. This allowed the company to branch out into video production, T-shirt design, podcasts and more .During this time in early 2012, the next “High Evolution” comic was released, “N.G.T. (Ninjas, Guns & Tournaments)”. The book was the first collaboration between Blake and co-creator Justin Machado. 2012 also saw the debut of the company’s ongoing web series “2 COOL 2 Geek”, a pop culture series featuring an insider’s look into the entertainment industry.

The art of “Old School” is now being used in tattoo shops as flash, on various types of apparel, and is currently hanging in northeast art galleries. With a packed 2013 schedule both Blake and “High Evolution Studios LLC” are continuing to bring the most cutting edge original properties to pop culture fans everywhere.

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