Harry Carpenter, writer of “Tales from an Ex-Husband” and the “Fubar” series, is a fan of horror, science fiction, and suspense. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, a city full of illustrious authors and performers, Harry began writing in elementary school. He formally pursued his passion, releasing his first book “Tales From An Ex-Husband” in 2019.

Harry has since won the “Best Short Short Story” award two times from the Veteran’s Administration writing contest and was featured as the bestselling author in local book stores.

Using his experiences in the United States Army, various retail and fast food establishments, childhood encounters, and chaotic first marriage, he has developed a mind for creativity.

He is a huge fan of cats, video games, and quirky science fiction and horror movies. He also films an internet web series called “The Web-Pool” on YouTube, as well as volunteers with the “Charm City Ghostbusters,” a charity organization out of Baltimore who, as the name dictates, dress as the Ghostbusters 1984 movie.

Harry now lives in Baltimore with his wife and cats.