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Lady J is a Philadelphia based Cosplayer and Forensic Scientist. As a forensic scientist Lady J does her part to keep the streets safe by day and on her off time continues to express the important of truth, justice and love for humanity through cosplay. Lady J believes cosplay is so important because it allows people to share experiences, express their creative/artistic sides, is an important outlet that allows us to becomes our favorite heroes/villains and share the positive effect these stories of heroism can have on an individual.

Lady J not only cosplay’s for those reasons but to spread Cospositivity: acceptance to all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, skill level etc. and to use it to help spread the word and fundraise for charities (our real life heroes’ vets, officers, firefighters, medical research such as cancer, diabetes and children). This love for charity work has developed into a charity cosplay group called the Philadelphia Avengers which Lady J is a founding member. In 2015 Lady J presented her panel Beginning to Cosplay and Cospositivity at Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia and has continued to spread that message ever since. Lady J has been a guest at Camden Comic Con, Great Philadelphia Comic Con with the Philadelphia Power Rangers (where she is also referred to as Philly Yellow) and Pocono Comic Expo with the Philadelphia Avengers and continues to travel the circuit as both attendee and guest.

You can also see Lady J in print in the May 2016 issue of Cosplayzine magazine. Lady J is also the owner of Lady J Nerdy Shop, whose mission statement is to bring geeky goodness to everyone at affordable prices.

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