Retired Wonder Woman


Much more than cosplay, RETIRED WONDER WOMAN is a free-range comic who brings her routine directly to the people, wisecracking with anyone and everyone who crosses her haphazard path.


Born into royalty on an island of fierce, independent women as equally renowned for their superhuman abilities as their freakishly synchronous menses, RETIRED WONDER WOMAN spent her youth dreaming of TV stardom. But alas when it came time to cast the lead role in a series
about her life, the job went to mammarily-gifted beauty queen Lynda Carter.
One dozen rehab stints and 5,632 bingo games later, RETIRED WONDER WOMAN is back and once again ready to save the world with her rapid-fire quips, ceaseless dedication to character and mad selfie skills.

Featured on AGT

In 2017, RETIRED WONDER WOMAN appeared on America’s Got Talent where the producers liked her so much they booked her for a cameo in the season finale.

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