My name is Joshua and I am the owner of Rip Flip Collect. I am a huge nerd and I have been collecting since I was a kid in the 90’s. I grew up playing video games, watching sci-fi, and collecting Pokemon. Over the years my collection has grown to include Stan Lee signed comics, graded cards, and vintage video games.

I started Rip Flip Collect because of many of the issues I have had buying collectibles online over the years. I see so many people getting scammed, having expensive cards improperly shipped in plain white envelopes without a toploader, and a lack of transparency in card conditions. Everything we ship is soft sleeved, toploaded, cardboard sandwiched, bubblewrapped, and sent USPS first class with tracking. We also take plenty of pictures of the front and backs of the cards and additional pics of any swirls or imperfections.

New products will be added to the shop every Monday and our homepage will feature giveaways and contests. Rip Flip Collect is a brand I really care about because it is a lifestyle a lot of us live. We Rip packs, Flip the cards we don’t need, and Collect the ones we do. Thank you so much for visiting our shop and we look forward to helping you grow your collections!