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Gaming With Yogibo

Sensory Integration

One of our favorite ways we love to see Yogibo utilized is with our gaming fans. Being the ultimate bean bag solution, Yogibo allows both casual and hardcore gamers to take advantage of something very important, yet overlooked to gaming: comfort.

As gamers, we were used to sitting in your standard desk chair or couch. Both of which can be extremely uncomfortable or expensive. Even both sometimes. By incorporating Yogibo into gaming, we offer a product that completely conforms to your body. When you’re playing for long periods of time, you run the risk of your back hurting. With our special micro-beads, you get a shockingly comfortable gaming experience to get you through round after round. (Still, take a break!)

Not only that, it’s available to be used in multiple ways. Make the Yogibo Max into a chair for intense FPS matches, turn it into a couch for co-op with friends (Yes, that’s still a thing. An awesome thing). Maybe you want to recline while you pass time watching a Twitch stream or playing a game on your tablet. End the night by laying it flat and using it as one of the best sleeping experiences you’ll ever have. These can all be accomplished through a single product.

Of course, all Yogibos are great for video games. Our products are designed to be combined with each other. The customization and colors are made to fit your personal style and theming. We offer brighter colors to complement specialty gaming rooms, and darker colors as well for a more professional look. A Yogibo Mini by itself, for example, makes a great bean bag for a smaller room. Combine it with a Yogibo Support for a fantastic chair. Then throw in a Yogibo Cube for an amazing footrest! Whoa.

They’re also designed to take a beating.  The Yogibo Max, our biggest & most popular model, is only an astonishing 20 pounds. You can carry it around with one hand. Amazing, isn’t it? Throw yourself on it, go ahead. Oh look, it’s still totally intact. Fancy! After getting ganked in your own lane or fragged by a totally ridiculous shot, we hear that Yogibos provide a pretty good place to football-spike your gaming gear without breaking it. You should probably just take a deep breath, relax, and respawn, but we both know it will happen. We have your back unlike your teammates.

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