What To See And Do At Galactic Con!

We are excited you are coming to Galactic Con, the first comic con in Middletown, Delaware! If this is your first time at a comic con, don’t worry, we can help you out! Here are a few hints and a list of awesome activities to check out while you are at Galactic Con. There is also some info on Middletown, in case this is your first visit. That leaves me with the only question in my FAQ – What do I do at a comic con?

1. Check out this website

Before you come to Galactic Con, check out our website for any last minute changes or additions. If you have an Android device, you can download our app from the Google Play Store. The app will have a map and details of the event – replicating the website.

2. Explore the entire convention floor

Galactic Con will have dozens of artists and vendors, and you should be sure to visit them all. Artist Alley can be found in the back of the gym, it is loaded with talented artists and creators. You will find a nice mix of artists who self-publish and those who have worked for some of the leaders in the industry. Vendors can be found throughout the entire con, selling comics, toys and other pop culture collectibles. At their booths, you’ll have the opportunity to add more comics to your collection, pick up a shirt featuring your favorite fandom or find something new to collect. Make sure to bring plenty of cash because our show floor has it all – and not all vendors will accept credit cards. (Here’s a tip: Grab cash at an ATM before heading to the con.)

3. Enter the charity raffle

When you buy your ticket for the Middletown Comic Con you will get one raffle ticket for a single entry, and two raffle tickets for a family pass. Most booths will be offering something in our charity raffle. Some raffle items will be found at the Main Galactic Con table, but others will also be located next to their donators. Look for balloons to find all the raffle items. Extra raffles tickets can be purchased for $1 each. All proceeds earned through the charity raffle will be donated to Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF). There will also be opportunity to earn more raffle tickets through games at the comic con.

4. Snap some photos and meet our Cosplayers

Whether you take a selfie with your friends, snap a pic of some Star Wars cosplayers (cosplay stands for costume play and cosplayers are those who participate in dressing up!) or strut your own costume with friends, make sure to capture the fun moments for a scrap book or your social media networks! Don’t forget to hashtag #GalacticCon to share it with us and other Fans! Check out our complete list of Cosplayers. We will have Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Classic Marvel & DC, Anime and more… including a very special guest Ani-Mia, who has over half a million fans on Facebook!

5. Commission an Artist

There’s plenty of stuff to take home and cherish after Galactic Con, in Delaware, is over, but nothing is more unique than an original illustration from one of our Artists in Artist Alley. Love DC Comics and Game of Thrones? Have an Artist draw Batman lounging on the Iron Throne! Or better yet request they draw YOU on the Throne while slaying a slew of zombies. The possibilities are endless!

6. Make new friends

Remember, whether you are here to collect comics, meet your favorite cosplayers or just in Middletown for the day, you are surrounded by people just like you. Hey, you never know, you might meet your new best friend!

7. Discover Middletown

Middletown is growing, and we have lots of old and new shops to check out. The Gibby on Main St. will be hosting a comic themed art gallery, one of Galactic Con’s cross-over events. Stay on Main St. to get some amazing food at the local cupcake shop, or the delicious cheese store. Middletown doesn’t have a comic shop anymore, but you can also check out this list of comic shops in Delaware.

8. Enjoy yourself!

First and foremost, Galactic Con is about you – the Fans. We want you to have a great time at the best day of the year! There’s plenty to see and do, so choose what you love and enjoy the comic con in Delaware.