Matt Bell is a teacher, author, and illustrator who just released two wild books in the young adult world. First, Urgent Carol and the Earworm Heist, is about a 7th grader being kidnapped, and the only witness swears she was abducted by aliens. It’s brief and zesty, loaded with musical references for the whole family, and it proves just how alien middle school can be. The second new release, The Reanimation of Mouse, is a visual and emotional romp. An art instructor works with leukemia patients at a hospital for children. Her gift allows her drawings to come to life! The problem: one of her students has that same gift, but as cancer is robbing him of all youthful joy, his dark illustrations come to eat the world. Who will win this epic battle of living sketchbooks?

Matt Bell is also the creator of Comics for Cancer, a program in its fifth year, one where his students from Virginia become authors and illustrators who sell their works to donate 100% of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society. They donated over $1,300 during 2021. With his own love for art, he also sells prints of popular characters that are illustrated in a unique style, including Marvel, Alien/s, and Predator.