Sharon Rose is a cosplayer, curvy model, published author and artist, comic book lover, reading enthusiast, and all-around geek girl. Known for her EVA foam armor crafting, props, and paint detail work, she has been featured on numerous geek culture media sites, including Geeks Are Sexy and

Sharon is a Cosplay and Comics page model and an ambassador for Big Beautiful Cosplayers. She is a vocal advocate for cosplay inclusivity and body positivity. Sharon is also a member of the Central PA Avengers, a nonprofit volunteer team of cosplayers who partner with hospitals, charity groups, and community organizations to bring smiles to kids and adults alike.

Sharon’s experience as an artist, costumer, cosplay guest/speaker and contest judge at several East Coast conventions, coupled with her art and communication degrees, makes her especially suited to speak on cosplay panels and more. She is a vocal advocate of cosplay inclusivity and body positivity, and she encourages cosplayers to be supportive of their fellow cosplayers and be respectable representatives for those new to the hobby. When she isn’t in her studio covered in paint, glue, and fabric, Sharon can be found working at an academic library, drinking coffee, or snuggling with her cats.