What is The Furst State?
The Furst State is a Delaware based furry fan club that was founded in 2005. We have online message boards, chat rooms, and a presence on many social networking websites. We hold monthly events for members to socialize, make new friends, and have fun. The Furst State is open to anyone and everyone that wishes to join and discover what furries in Delaware are all about!

What is furry?
Furry is an appreciation for the art and culture that centers on animals that have human qualities, such as walking and talking like humans–think Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse. The technical term for this is anthropomorphic, but we find it much easier and more fun to call it furry. Furries range from artists to performers, from shy to outgoing, and from a wide array of backgrounds and lifestyles. People that share the same appreciation can call themselves furries.

What does The Furst State do in the furry fandom?
The Furst State focuses on the Delaware and Tri-State region of the USA. We have created a place for furry fans to talk, share, and create friendships. We host yearly events like New Year’s furry Ball, as well as dinner meets, movie meets, bowling meets, and more. All members are welcome (and encouraged!) to host a meetup. After all, the community wouldn’t exist without you! The Furst State strives to provide a friendly, safe, and welcoming community for all of its members.