Please note that we have rescheduled our comic con from June 1st to the new date of JUNE 15th!

This change has been made for a while, but some old Google searches will bring up the old dates.


Registration: Sunday, July 31st. 11am to 1:30pm. The registration table will be located at Kati Coe’s booth. You must register to be a valid participant.

Childrens Costume Showcase begins at 2pm, and will be held in the Cosplay Room. Anyone 12 and under may enter! Everyone’s a winner, in the showcase!

Adults Cosplay Contest begins at 3pm, and will also be held in the Cosplay Room.

Youth (ages 13-18)
Adult (ages 19 and up)

Participants will be judged on Craftsmanship, Presentation, and Creativity.

We request that all winners be willing to spend a few minutes after the contest for photo ops.

Please take a moment to review the official rules. Remember, this is a family friendly event and while having fun is important to us all, we ask that you remain respectful to those around you.

We can’t wait to see you, and your great costumes, at Columbia Comic Con!

Entry into the event is at the discretion of the event staff, and we reserve the right to deny any entrant who does not adhere to the rules.

Your costume and presentation should be suitable for all ages. No profanity, lewd behavior, or obscene messages on signs or clothing. Anyone who breaks this rule will be disqualified.

Any participants under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

No pyrotechnics, live flame or smoke generators of any kind are permited. Projectile glitter, confetti, or liquid, is not allowed. Anything that may cause you or someone else harm, is strictly prohibited.

No functional weapons are allowed at Columbia Comic Con. Please do not bring real swords, firearms, or any other authentic weapon. Only props are allowed. Simulated or costume weapons are allowed as part of your costume. No projectile weapons (including but not limited to airsoft or paintball weapons) will be allowed. Weapons with a metal blade, regardless if it is dull or sharp, are prohibited.

All simulated or costume weapons are subject to inspection by security or convention staff. Participants found to be in violation of these rules will be subject to removal from the show.

Applications are now open for Columbia Comic Con. Only Exhibitors with products and/or services relating to comic books, comic strips, animation, or other related popular culture items are eligible to exhibit. We are very focused on comics and pop culture and we do want to make sure every vendor is a proper fit for our audience. Contact Galactic Con directly with any questions.

Fill out the form here –

Overflow Parking & Free Shuttles

MTown Sports Center is located in the Levels Business Park. Parking is available in front of the MTown Sports Complex and the Shone Lumber store. You may also park at Home Depot and the Premier Comprehensive Dental lot (across from the Goddard School.) We will have signage on the roads to help you find the overflow spots.

There will be a continuous shuttle running from Home Depot, to the Dental Office, to MTown and back. The drive time without stops is about 7 minutes. Shuttles will start running at 10AM on both days, and will run for an hour after the show closes each day. That will allow plenty of time for everyone to get back to their cars.

Shuttle service is FREE!

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Right-Click, or Control-Click to download the profile picture to your Desktop, or anywhere you’d like to save it. Then go to Facebook and upload your new profile picture. Be sure to “Skip Cropping” or else it may cut off part of the image.

Just a quick update… in order to move the events a bit closer, the start time is now 7PM!

If you need to kill time after the con, the Gibby is open until 5PM, can may stay open later with a big enough crowd.  Or you can start to eat early at Two Nine Nine and wait for the crowd to come to you.

Or, you could try to catch a movie, at Westown Movies!

Cinderella, Run All Night, The Gun Man & Insurgent all have showtimes after 4PM so you can relax in a comfy chair and get ready for the After Party. Westown now sells beer & wine!

Zenescope is providing a copy of Grimm Fairy Tales #0 in all our Swag Bags…

Zenescope Year10

Zenescope Entertainment begins celebrating their Year10 milestone in 2015 by releasing 10 issues per month. With a mix of the ongoing and brand new, these releases contain the hottest and most sought after stories in the Grimm Universe… check out this #0 to get acquainted with the Zenescope Universe.

We are thrilled to have them be a part of our con, and hope to have them join us in the future!