“Muldoon,” named after Bob Peck’s character in the 1993 film, “Jurassic Park,” is the co-created product of two best friends’ love for dinosaurs. The creators and owners, Jordan Sypinski and Ashley Hayward, are two friends that had a dream of making a replica of the electric tour vehicles from the film, and the drive to see the project through. They are part of the Jurassic Park Motorpool http://www.jpmotorpool.com/

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As dedicated fans themselves, Jordan and Ashley understand the fans’ desire to not only see, but also to sit in, to touch, and to take pictures with their favorite props and vehicles from the films they love. With this goal in mind, Jordan and Ashley set out to create not just a simple photo op, but a complete experience – built for the fans, by the fans. They provide everything needed to immerse you into your favorite dinosaur film: costumes and accessories, props, and more are on-site and included in your photo op. They will also have Jurassic merch, raffle items, and giveaways, so come stop by!