Comic Book Art Now at the Gibby

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Comic book art lovers should head over to the Gibby Center for the Arts on Main Street in Middletown for “Influences of the Comic Book Artist” now through March 31. On display at the exhibit is comic book style art from many local artists as well as some student art. The exhibit is part of the many events related to Galactic Con — the two-day comic book convention coming to Middletown on March 19 and 20 at the MTown Sports Complex.


Parking & Shuttles

Overflow Parking & Free Shuttles

MTown Sports Center is located in the Levels Business Park. Parking is available in front of the MTown Sports Complex and the Shone Lumber store. You may also park at Home Depot and the Premier Comprehensive Dental lot (across from the Goddard School.) We will have signage on the roads to help you find the overflow spots.

There will be a continuous shuttle running from Home Depot, to the Dental Office, to MTown and back. The drive time without stops is about 7 minutes. Shuttles will start running at 10AM on both days, and will run for an hour after the show closes each day. That will allow plenty of time for everyone to get back to their cars.

Shuttle service is FREE!

Galactic Con in Middletown will span two days


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Next month, Middletown will once again attract comic book and pop culture fans from across the state for Galactic Con – a unique convention for those still young at heart and in love with their action figures.

An estimated 2,000 people attended last year – its first – packing the gymnasium at Everett Meredith Middle School and leaving superhero fans in Delaware hungry for more.

This time, Galactic Con will be held at a larger venue to accommodate more people – an estimated 3,000 are expected – and it has added an extra day of comic book fun.

“We’ll be at the MTown Sports Complex where there will be more space and elbow room,” Joe Manzo said. “We are also doing a two-day show to give more folks a chance to see more. And, we also plan to have shuttle service from Home Depot to alleviate any parking issues.”

The popularity of comic cons (short for “comic book conventions”) such as Galactic Con’s has to do with the nation’s seemingly endless love of folks with supernatural powers, Manzo said.

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Limited Edition Anthony Spay Print

Be sure to pickup this 11×17 print of two of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket & Groot, hanging out at Cochran Square in Middletown. Limited to 301 prints. Anthony Spay will be at Galactic Con on Saturday & Sunday, so stop by his booth! A portion of the sales will go to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

Note: There are no logos or markings on the print.

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Galactic Con Fan Review – sakkaragold

The following is a found review of Galactic Con. You can read the full article here: The Blood Goddess – PURGATORI

The was the first year for the successful Galactic Con, also known as Middletown Comic Con, located in Delaware. Delaware has a First State Comic Con but that pales in size and attendees compared to Galactic. I was surprised that, hours into the convention, people were still waiting in a long line which wrapped around the block. While there were many artists and vendors this year, the hope is for upon success to garner even more popular comic artists (and a bigger venue). Even so, I managed to get plenty of commissions of the Blood Goddess this year, all beautifully crafted in their own ways. I just love the varying styles that each of the artists have presented Purgatori in and really admire the time they each gave her.


Galactic Con Fan Review – Levi Ackerman

The following is a found review of a Galactic Con attendee.

Galactic con in Middletown/Everett Meredith middle school.
This is my first comic con and the first one in Middletown DE


Galactic Con Fan Review – 302RELL

The following is a found review of a Galactic Con attendee.

Take a walk with us as we attend GALACTIC CON! Middletown’s first Comic Con! Look at all the cosplay characters, retro toys, comics and games! We walked away with a few Nintendo NES games like Mega Man 3 a couple other classic games. Hard to find pokemon action figures and an original My Lil Pony doll made the kids day. They also picked up some cool yoshi, donkey kong and pokeball/picachu plush! This was the first event for Galactic Con and we loved it, we can only imagine how great the next Galactic Con will be!!!

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